This concept only applies to Tectonic’s V2 interface. It is not relevant to the original (“V1”) interface.

The fundamental unit of processing in Tectonic is the document. The main purpose of Tectonic is to compile documents from their TeX source to one or more output formats.

Source structure

Every Tectonic document is defined by a Tectonic.toml file, which is found at the root of its source tree. This directory is also the root of the current Tectonic workspace. At the moment, “workspaces” and “documents” are the same thing, but in the future it might become possible to define multiple documents inside a single workspace.

The TeX sources are stored in a src subdirectory of the document root. This directory should contain at least three files: index.tex, _preamble.tex, and _postamble.tex. These filenames can be changed in the Tectonic.toml configuration file. The build command will process these files in the following order:

  1. src/_preamble.tex
  2. src/index.tex
  3. src/_postamble.tex

The intention of this framework is to allow you to isolate the main content of your document from the usual LaTeX boilerplate. There are no restrictions on what kind of content may be placed in each file, though. The preamble and postamble can be empty if you’d like. The new command will stub out these files for you.

Build structure

Build outputs are placed in the document’s build directory. By default, this is a build subdirectory of the document root.