tectonic -X init

Initializes a new Tectonic workspace in the current directory.

This is a V2 CLI command. For information on the original (“V1” CLI), see its reference page.

Usage Synopsis

tectonic -X init


This command will create a bare-bones Tectonic.toml file in the target directory. The project’s name will be initialized to the name of the workspace directory.

It will also create placeholder source files in a src subdirectory: index.tex, _preamble.tex, and _postamble.tex. The default build command will process these files in the expected order:

  1. src/_preamble.tex
  2. src/index.tex
  3. src/_postamble.tex

The intention of this framework is to allow you to isolate the main content of your document from the usual LaTeX boilerplate. There are no restrictions on what kind of content may be placed in each file, though.

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